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Dreaming of the perfect place to call home?

Our staff have worked on everything from industrial sites to large estates and luxury resorts, but there is one thing missing on these projects: soul. That’s why we specialise in building homes that will stand for generations. Experience alone is not enough to build these homes – they require a perfectionist approach to every detail, plus a willingness to solve the one-of-a-kind problems that come with custom builds.

We bring all of this to your project, plus our team’s experience. The builders in our team have seen it all, and their broad exposure means we have developed industry-leading project management and quality systems, so you benefit from a smooth construction process.

Motivated to do better

You’ll never hear us justify a decision by saying “we’ve always done it that way” – because that’s the easy path. Instead, our management team looks for smart project management systems and construction techniques to eliminate inefficiencies and find the approach best suited to your home.

So whether we’re working with new sustainable materials or exploring the latest construction management software, you can guarantee we’re invested in innovation. This approach coupled with our appreciation for traditional craftsmanship means we have all the skills to build remarkable homes.

Meet your building team

Troy Adams

Troy Adams

Managing Director

Troy founded Realm in 2017 with a determination to build with integrity. Having grown up in the country, he believes that being open and honest are the key traits of a great builder, and this down-to-earth attitude sets the standard for our team.

Being a builder means more to Troy than bricks and mortar. He spent a lot of his childhood watching his father work as an electrician, and saw from a young age the satisfaction of being part of the build process. Today, he is motivated to build homes that will stand for generations, and he supports our team to continually develop their skills, so we always give you the best craftsmanship.

When he is not working, Troy is just as comfortable on the sidelines of a footy game as he is in a five-star restaurant.

Gary Bowers

Gary Bowers

General Manager

With his sharp memory, Gary is the kind of person who can hold a conversation on just about anything. He has travelled to over 60 countries, knows a surprising amount about sharks and reads widely.

Gary has worked on globally renowned buildings including the Royal Opera House in London, but his true interest is in architectural homes. That’s because he describes himself as being ‘construction-obsessed’, and working on residential projects allows him to oversee every detail – from planning and project management right through to handover.

With his ability to explain the construction process in a straightforward, step-by-step manner, Gary ensures you understand every stage of your build. He believes in treating every home the same way he’d treat his mother’s house, and that means always taking his boots off at the door and doing the work right the first time.

Philip Gabriel

Philip Gabriel

Project Manager

Even though Philip has worked in the industry for more than 30 years, he is still motivated by the same thing: seeing a client happy at the end of a project. As our Project Manager, Philip makes sure your home build goes smoothly, and he takes immense pride in ensuring each element comes together as planned.

Philip loves being kept on his toes by the fast-paced nature of construction, making sure that when things change, he imparts his years of know-how to keep the project moving forward. He knows that planning is just as important as problem solving, and is a driver of innovation in our team.

Philip loved building things as a kid and he still lives and breathes what he does. Even when he’s not at work, you’ll usually find him outside landscaping his home.

Why we’re the builders of choice in Brisbane for bespoke homes

Custom homes
There’s nothing cookie-cutter about the way we build. Whether you want the biggest house on your street or a sustainably built home, we’re here to execute that vision with care and attention to detail.

Tried and tested approach
To ensure we give you our best workmanship, we undertake a number of self-funded projects. These are our testing ground, so you know our recommendations are proven.

Greater certainty
We draw on all our experience and use specialised estimating software for accurate cost forecasting. That means no nasty budget surprises along the way.

Gold standard
To back up our quality commitments, we operate under a fully documented health, safety, environment and quality management system in compliance with AS/NZS and ISO standards.

Respectful team
You’ll always enjoy visiting site and getting updates from us. Our team is laser-focused on the job at hand and maintains a professional attitude at all times (which keeps your neighbours happy too).

Relatable communication
Building a home is a big commitment, and we’re here for you. We break ideas and processes down into steps that are easy to understand, and explain the reasoning behind every decision.

Our Difference: We specialise in building luxury homes designed by architects

To learn more about the process of building an architectural home with us, see our services and FAQs.